Pets and Rugs

Pet Urine and Rugs

Oriental rugs should be examined frequently especially if you have pets (dogs, cats) in the home. Urine can be very damaging to wool and silk rugs. While we can guarantee the odor removal from any rug, sometimes the urine staining can be permanent.

If you suspect that there is urine in your rug, do not try any home remedies except to pack it with cornstarch to help absorb the urine in the rug.  Then call Eastern Shore Rug Cleaning at 410-822-6100 to ensure there is no further damage to the rug. If the urine is already dry, there is not much a homeowner can do. Give us a buzz though, because we guarantee pet odor removal.

Click here to download our Rug Care and Emergency Spill tips sheet. It is filled with ideas to help reduce the damage done to your rug by pet urine.

Pet urine and rugs

As mentioned in the video about pet urine and rugs, what you can see on the surface of the rug is just the tip of the iceberg. Flip the rug over and you can see how widepread the urine has traveled. Urine can be very damaging to rugs and the floors beneath them.

If you have pets, check frequently. I have yet to be a home with a pet that does not have a urine spot. (Yes, even your four legged friend has done a dirty deed, he just didn’t tell you)

If you have an investment quality rug that has been damaged by pet urine it is best to call us ASAP. 410-822-6100 and we will guide you through remediating the damage.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a buzz at 410-822-6100

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