What We Do: Rug Cleaning

We are the most referred company for the cleaning of oriental and specialty rugs on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

We are not middlemen schlepping your rug to some processing facility a hundred miles away. All work is done at our Easton, MD Rug Cleaning Plant.

We are also the ONLY Textile Pro Certified Rug Cleaner in all of Maryland and Delaware. 


Expert Rug Cleaners

To become an expert rug cleaner takes years of practice and training. We also want to share that rug cleaning knowledge with you, that is why we have created the video’s you see on our site. So that you are a well informed consumer and know how to choose a rug cleaner that is right for you.

Not all rug cleaners are the same. Ask good questions such as “Do you clean the rugs or do you send them out?”, “Do you have Insurance?”, “How are you certified?”

Eastern Shore Rug Cleaning is the only certified rug care facility in Maryland and Delaware.

Eastern Shore Rug Cleaning can safely and thoroughly hand wash any oriental or area rug at our plant in Easton, Maryland and we offer pick-up and delivery throughout the Eastern Shore including Chestertown, Salisbury, Ocean City and Kent Island. We even help you move furniture and roll up your rugs. Of course, we will help you put your freshly cleaned rugs back in your home.

Carpet cleaners without specialized training and equipment clean your rugs the same way they clean wall-to-wall carpet. They typically use steam cleaning. They offer a very low price, but it’s about the worst thing you can do to a wool, cotton, or silk rug. Natural fiber, hand-woven or hand-knotted rugs, and high quality machine woven rugs, must be hand washed to ensure they are cleaned safely and thoroughly.

Thousands of rugs are ruined everyday by carpet cleaners and unskilled rug cleaners, and they take a huge risk with your fine rugs. Hiring a Certified Textile Pro Rug Cleaner will insure that your Wool, Silk, Cotton and Blended rugs are properly and safely cleaned.

Don’t trust your valuable rug to an uncertified or improperly trained carpet cleaner!

Proper rug cleaning is a painstaking process that requires specialized equipment. Once the rug is cleaned, dry it flat.  Once the rug is dry, the fringes are hand washed without the use of damaging chemicals like bleach.

Professional cleaning improves the appearance and increases the life of your rugs. Rugs should be professionally cleaned every 1 to 3 years, depending on the amount of traffic and how they are used. If you have pets or high traffic, you should have your rugs professionally cleaned every year. If the rug is in an area where smoking takes place, you should have it professionally cleaned every 6 months.

We are the only rug cleaning plant on the Eastern Shore to Guarantee Pet Odor Removal from rugs!

It’s important to realize that rugs can be dirty long before they appear dirty.  Wool rugs, especially, can be prone to moth infestation, if they are not cleaned regularly.


tplogosmallTextile Pro™ graduates have been through an intensive six-month training program on oriental rug and fine fabric upholstery care. Those who are Certified took the extra step of submitting case studies of “tricky” textiles that they inspected and washed. Unlike other cleaning courses where “passing” requires taking a simple quiz, this is the first certification program in the rug cleaning industry that is “hands on” and requires thorough documentation of every step of their cleaning process. Certification also requires submitting proof of insurance coverage for handling textiles at the time of certification.

Eastern Shore Rug Cleaning

210 Marlboro Ave Ste 25

Easton, MD  21601


Eastern Shore Rug Cleaning Serves Salisbury, Ocean City, Easton, Chestertown, Kent Island, Chester and Cambridge. Free pick up and Delivery in Talbot County

Rug Plant located at 8675 Brooks Dr In Easton, MD