Our Rug Cleaning Process

Oriental Rug Washing

The recommended way to clean natural fiber rugs (Wool, Silk, Cotton) is a full-immersion wash at our Rug Cleaning Facility in Easton, MD.

What they really need is a good bath to remove the dirt, sand, bacteria, and other gross stuff from the surface and within the base of the rug. Rugs have been around for thousands of years, and have been washed for thousands as well. Our rug cleaning process is an advanced form of the process used for centuries.

Rug Cleaning Inspection Form


Each rug is checked for any conditions that are pre-existing. A lot of times, dirt and crud covers up issues with the rug. Dye lot variations (abrash), rug staining, prior dye migration, worn areas or white knots that become visible after washing. Some of these are characteristics of the rug (abrash and white knots), and others are damage that can possibly be repaired.

If you bring the rug to our rug cleaning facility in Easton, this inspection will take place with you, and we will discuss any areas of concern and your options for correcting them. If we transport your rug to our facility, (and can’t perform the pre-inspection in your home) our team will inspect your rug after it gets to the facility and will contact you with any work recommendations or pre-wash issues.

Some common issues found in rugs are abrash and white knots.  Check out the videos below to learn more.


Rug Dusting

Once the pre inspection is done the first step in cleaning the rug is dusting. Wool fibers under the microscope look like fish scales, with lots of areas to hide dirt, sand and other gross stuff..

A wool rug can capture and hold onto POUNDS of dirt in its fibers before it begins to look dirty. So when it starts to look bad, you know it is well past the time to have it cleaned. This is not just dirt but germs, bacteria, and other yuck brought in by feet, shoes, and paws.

Washing a rug with tons of fine dirt in the fibers creates mud. This is why a rug needs to be dusted before it gets wet.

Dusting is performed with a dusting machine, to beat the dirt out of the foundation of your rug from the back side.

Washing a rug in Easton MD


The dyes of your rug are tested to make sure they will not bleed or migrate. If the dyes are suspected to be fugitive, then the rug is immersed in a dye lock solution to prevent bleeding during the wash.

The rug is then washed using a specialized rug shampoo and cool water.

Drying a rug flat


All of our rugs are laid out to dry flat. We feel that hanging rugs up when wet can lead to stress on the foundation of the rugs and you risk warping or stretching the rug. Dry forced air is used to to dry the rug, and dehumidifiers keep the humidity low.

Since we do not use hot water during the wash, or heat to dry the rug, you avoid shrinking. Again, these fibers are similar to your nicer wool and cotton clothes, so a gentle wash and “dry flat” is how they have been washed for years.

Grooming the fringe of an oriental rug


Fringe is usually cotton. These are the warps of a rug, and literally are the foundation of your rug.

Cotton is an absorbent fiber, and has no place to “hide” soil like wool does, so when your fringe looks dirty you know it’s time to wash your rug. Fringe usually needs some extra scrubbing to get them clean.

The fringe is scrubbed during the wash process, and additionally after the wash if it is needed. After the rug is dried (we have moisture sensors that tell us when it is 100% dry) it is then given a final grooming, wrapped in brown paper and ready to be sent back to your house..

How often should I clean my rugs?


How often should you clean your rug? That really depends on how the rug is being used. If it is a family room with a moderate amount of traffic by feet or paws, it should be cleaned every 18-24 months. If it is in an entry way or hall, it may need to be cleaned annually. Check out the video on the left for more information

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