Oriental Rug Cleaner in Salisbury MD

Rug Cleaning in Salisbury, MD

The Eastern Shore Rug Cleaning company has been cleaning oriental and contemporary rugs in the Salisbury, MD area for over 10 years. Our technicians undergo extensive training before being allowed to wash rugs. This training is followed up by frequent hands on and online education.

Natural fiber rugs (Wool, silk, cotton) can not be safely cleaned by most steam cleaning companies. The chemicals that many Salisbury carpet cleaners use can damage or destroy natural fiber rugs.

The Video to the right explains why you should not have your precious rugs cleaned in your home by a steam cleaner


Our rug cleaning process does not use harsh chmicals and all rugs are washed by hand. We do not put your rug through a giant machine where it could be damaged. Each rug is inspected and a proper wash prescribed for its condition.

For more information on rug cleaning in Salisbury, MD visit our website EasternShoreRugCleaning or give us a buzz at 410-822-6100.